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Coach Jay

Since 2016, I struggled to lose weight despite trying various diets unsuccessfully. By the beginning of this year, my weight began affecting my health, leading to back problems, breathing difficulties, and constant fatigue. After a doctor's visit in April revealed the severity of the situation, I discovered the ketogenic diet.

Starting keto on April 25, 2020, has been a game-changer for my weight loss journey. I cut out bread, pasta, chips, candy, and fried foods entirely, focusing on low-carb, high-protein, and healthy fats.


My fluid intake is limited to water, Sparkling ICE occasionally for flavor, and almond milk. I've incorporated more veggies into my diet and snack on strawberries, Greek yogurt, and keto-approved snacks.

Beginning at 244 lbs, I'm now at 160 lbs through hard work, dedication, and consistency. I feel better than ever!

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